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If you find yourself on this page, it is because you have decided to become a Survivor France Ambassador... Bravo!

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To know more :
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Being a Rescapé France ambassador means:
  • Join the family and receive exclusive offers reserved for ambassadors !
  • A 20% code for your loved ones, subscribers, and customers
  • Remuneration thanks to 10% commissions for each sale made with your personalized code!
  • Gifts for the best ambassadors 😍
  • Invitations to possible future events
And more... !
Some tips for being a good ambassador:
  • Obviously, equip yourself with your favorite models!
  • Take and post good quality photos
    Post stories, repost photos from @rescapefrance
    Don’t forget to mention @rescapefrance and #rescapemood
  • Share your code on your networks
    (description idea: -20% on RESCAPE FRANCE with my code: First name20 😍)
    With a link to the site (
  • Share your code with as many people as possible:
    - Are you in a sports club? Share it with your teammates
    - In class ? Slip some little papers into your friends' pencil cases 😎
    - With family ? -20% for Dad, Mom, Uncle, Grandma.. That’s nice!
  • Be creative ! Your goal is to have the most customers, you're the one in charge! It's up to you to be original, clever and above all, to love RESCAPE FRANCE 😁

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