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Mont Rose - Rose Gold Van

Mont Rose - Rose Gold Van

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Wearing a Van Rescapé bracelet means:

Express your thirst for freedom and discovery , while supporting local crafts and small businesses. Your bracelet will be your most faithful companion, always there to invite you on adventures and share your best memories!

Accompanied by your best bracelet, light, strong and comfortable, the journey is endless.

At Rescapé France, each bracelet has a story. It's up to you to write yours, yours.

Our bracelets

All our bracelets are assembled by hand , in small series: Our stocks are very limited!

We use the highest quality real paracord and stainless steel.

Our goal: That you never take off your bracelet again!

Water resistant (shower with soap, sea water), they will last a lifetime .

Adjustable thanks to their sliding knots, they adapt to all wrists. Ideal for a gift idea 😏

How to adjust your Van bracelet?

Each bracelet has 2 sliding knots .

Open the bracelet as much as possible to fit your hand through it, then adjust it to your wrist.
We recommend getting help from another person, adjusting the wrist is quite complex alone when you are not used to it.

For aesthetic reasons, drag the 2 nodes rather than adjusting just one:

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